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Author: Brad

The Massdrop Alt: Custom Animations and More

I fallen in love with my Alt and put some time into learning how to do animations and effects on it. I thought I would write a bit about it here in case it ever proves useful. Getting more control I was convinced to try out using caps lock as control by a post on […]

Macbook 2013-2015 SSD Upgrades

Background As of High Sierra, it is possible to replace the stock SSD in a 2013-2015 MBP (and MBA) with an NVMe drive with the aid of a M.2 adapter produced by a Chinese company called Sintech (various adapters available, example in Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CWWAENG). This has resulted in a lot of questions and mixed […]

The Massdrop Alt: Customization With No Middle Ground.

Introduction The Massdrop Alt is a superb (and expensive) keyboard. It’s a 65% board. It has individually addressable RGB backlighting and underglow. It’s USB-c and has a built in USB-c (but with only USB 2.0 bus) hub. It’s QMK compatible. It’s heavy and made of metal. It had linear switches available. It ticked off every […]

Starting over: Digital Self-destruction

Background A friend of mine recently approached me and asked for advice on how to start over online. He’d been going through some changes in life and he wanted a “clean slate”. That’s an interesting problem to me so I started thinking about it. I came up with a list of steps and recommendations. I […]

Encryptic: Dropbox fun

Overview I had to do some rewriting on the way that we handle dropbox authorization per their requirements. Hopefully the method I’ve gone to will suffice. We have a kind of strange relationship with Electron, so it’s not really straightforward for us to do things the way they want us to, but I think I […]

And yet another blog is born!

Everyone has a blog right? I’ve had a couple but I’ve been bad about keeping them up to date. I’m going to attempt to keep this one up to date weekly.